AFRIKAN GODDESS MAAT Ascension Course Beginning May 23, 2019


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HER Divine Cosmic Order, Universal Laws, Principles, Code of Ethics & Ancient Spiritual Culture

A 5-WEEK ONLINE COURSE as we RA-mem-ber the ancient Afrikan GODDESS MAAT; HER MAATian Spiritual culture, its worldview, principles and code of ethics. Come and re-learn the universal laws of MAAT of your most ancient ancestors and the role of MAAT in the divine cosmic order and harmonious balance of the universe. A comparative and historical analysis will be examined as we explore Afrikan versus European cultural value systems. In addition, we will explore the various stages of Afrikan people’s destruction in the emulation of Indo-Europeans.

This ONLINE COURSE will offer healing solutions and practices: energetically, emotionally, mentally and culturally. There will be reading material and healing exercises to do. Energetic rituals will be utilized for empowerment, cultural reclamation and ancestral adoration. 14 Day Nutritional Fast included. Kemetic Sungazing, Energetic Cord Cutting, Raja Yoga & AST Ascension Ritual. Weekly one-on-one consultation included. Merkabic Activation & General Life Oracle Readings also available. Course fee is $275.00. Payment plans and/or work exchange available for those Sirius aspirants who qualify. Space is limited. Pre-registration is required.

the bennu ascension online institute MAAT COURSE

MAATian Kultural Values & Practical Applications to live harmoniously


KEMETIC SUNGAZING Solar Qi Cultivation, healing & energization of the 5 body systems.


GODDESS AST BLUE RAY FREQUENCY: Chakra balance, Soul Fragments, Energy & Subconscious healing


ANCESTRAL RITUALS: Utilize Sidereal Calendar for ancestral rituals, Altar building & prayers


RAJA YOGA: Improves concentration, focus & detachment. Clears mental chatter.


SPIRITUAL PURIFICATION: Spiritual bathing & purification rituals